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Loan Programs

Since home loans are not a one size fits all and are meant to fit your unique situation and goals, we advise you to speak to one of our licensed team members.  They will help you submit your information and  customize a program that best fits your needs!  Below are some loans which may fit your very unique situation.
  • Conventional Loans are the most common loan type and are often referred to as Conforming Loans.  This loan allows for a low down payment and is available in fixed, adjustable terms (ARM) and Interest only options.  If the client puts less than 20% down, this loan may require mortgage insurance which can be removed at a later date as the clients pays down their loan balance.  This loan typically requires a 5% down payment but some investors allow only 3% down!  This is a great loan for new home buyers who would prefer to put the minimum amount down and maintain a well preserved cash reserve.These loans allow for a 3% seller concession, allowing a seller to pay for 3% of the purchase price towards your closing costs. Conventional loans have a limit not to exceed $453,100 total loan amount in most counties, some counties allow a loan up to $679,650.

Jumbo Loans

  • Jumbo loans are used when a client would like a loan which exceeds the conforming loan limits on conventional loans.  Jumbo loans are a great option for those looking to secure a fantastic rate on loans which exceed $453,100 in some counties, other counties begin jumbo loans when they exceed $679,650.

FHA Loans

  • FHA, or Federal Housing Administration loans are great loans for clients looking to buy their first home or who may a first time buyer or may be recovering from a credit event.  This loan is more forgiving when it comes to underwriting guidelines which makes it a great option for those rebuilding after a credit or income event.  This loan offers a low rate but adds in a mandatory mortgage insurance (MI) policy in order to insure the loan against default; this makes the “effective interest rate” not as attractive as the conventional loan, however these loans are a great option for those who have limited resources.  These loans allow for a 6% seller concession, allowing a seller to pay for 6% of the purchase price towards your closing costs..

203(k) Rehab loan

  • This is a FHA insured loan that allows you to build equity by purchasing a home that need rehabilitation. Then, some funds are secured in the original loan with draws are issued to allow for the upgrades to be completed.  Giving you the home customized to your specifications.  The best part is many home shoppers pass on these homes because they do not realize that this product is available. This is a great option if you feel that you fell in love with a home but not the previous owners decor.

VA Loan

  • The Veterans Affairs Loan (VA) is a loan reserved for those who proudly served our country.  This loan allows 100% financing and NO mortgage insurance.  It does have a VA funding fee which some Veterans are eligible to waive.  This loan allows the funding fee to be added to your loan amount.  After an interview with our team members, we an assess the best loan for you based on your Veterans eligibility and can even give you the resources needed to obtain your certificate of eligibility.


  • This is a loan insured by the United States Department of Agriculture.  It offers a zero down payment option, no monthly mortgage insurance and is considered a very flexible loan type.  The USDA offers a map for those considering a purchase in is in a USDA approved area.

Down Payment Assistance Programs- DPA

  • We support investors who offer grants to home buyers to assist them with saving for a down payment.  These DPA programs allow an investor to contribute to your down payment in the form of a either a term forgivable or non repayable grant.  This allows you to experience the pride of home ownership sooner for themselves and their family.

Reverse Mortgage

  • This loan allows your home to begin paying you while you live in it!  This loan is reserved for those 62 years of age and older, it utilizes the equity of the home to pay for the living expenses as well as the mortgage..  Clients can use it to reduce debt, help with healthcare, assist in long term budgeting, make upgrades to remain in the home and reduce the need of assisted living or even stretch out the current retirement savings by living off the equity as opposed to taxable withdrawal.  To see if this loan is a good fit for you please reach out to us directly.


  • Building a home to your specifications and have a general contractor?  A construction loan may be for you as it will allow draws to your contractor as he finishes phases in the project, then once the job is complete we can roll it into a permanent fixed loan!  This loan is also used when you find the perfect location but wish to upgrade the existing house to your perfect home!

Hard Money Lending

  • Hard money loans can be used in the need of emergency and rely only the equity and use of the home to qualify.  They offer fixed interest only rates on short terms for investment properties.  These loans are true lifesavers for those facing a financial hardship and can close in days not relying on typical loan qualifications.

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